Hello and thanks for dropping by.

First things first so let’s start with my name which is Linn. That’s me and in the background you see the kitchen of the little apartment we stayed in on a recent trip to Paris.

I’m a California girl.   I grew up  in the east bay area so I’m used to sun, warm weather, a growing season, and as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I can fit on the plate along with avocados, nuts, whole grains. I am also used to estate bottled California wine and California extra virgin olive oil.

Now I live in New York’s Hudson Valley so I’ve learned to live with variable sun, hot and humid summers, cold sometimes nasty winters, limited growing season, but access to Manhattan’s vibrant food scene, Hudson Valley farmer’s markets, and a burgeoning local artisan cheese industry.

I never realized my food choices were unhealthy until I went back to school to study nutrition in the early 1990s. That decade marks the pinnacle of reductionist nutrition thinking. So you could say with my Californian rooted French inspired approach to Mediterranean cooking, I couldn’t have picked a more unfavorable time. I learned a lot about nutrition for which I am grateful. I also learned that healthy was measured in grams of fat and milligrams of sodium. Over the last two decades, healthy has been refined. Today we’re measuring healthy in grams of saturated fat, milligrams of sodium, and grams of added sugar.

It’s taken me many years and much frustration and anger, but I’m finally willing to concede that healthy is a complex nutrient content claim. I’ve also concluded that food is more than the sum of its nutrient parts.

As an experienced recipe analyst, I’ve run nutrition numbers now on many thousands of recipes since I started my business in 2015. I do good work for my clients and have no plans to stop. My clients follow the analytic nutrition facts format because they are required to follow the government regulations.

If you need someone to run nutrition stats, please send me a message.

If you are interesting in exploration, please read my blog and follow me on Twitter & LinkedIn because food really is so much more than the sum of its nutrient parts.